Why Revisiting Your Online Campaign Structure is Worth it

Amanda Knauer Written by: Amanda Knauer

Brands are always searching for new ways to beat out their competition, yet revisiting the basic framework of their online campaigns is often overlooked as a critical component to success.

In his latest Search Engine Watch byline, BrandMuscle Executive Vice President Jason Tabeling explains why it’s the campaign structure that truly gives the killer competitive advantage for brands. Jason talks through the importance of constantly revisiting pieces of the campaign structure like ad copy, ad extensions, quality score and more, and gives advice to brands who need to step up their campaign game.

“Campaign structure is something that should be revisited again and again over time. The people who are managing a campaign change, consumer behavior change, website change, and AdWords evolve their policies. All these factors and many others require that the structure is revisited. I recommend that you have a strategic campaign structure review annually and ensure that it aligns with your performance and strategy.”

Check out Jason’s byline on Search Engine Watch to learn more about what changes brands must make to their online campaign structure to stay competitive.

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