Fortune 500 insurance company increases digital marketing adoption by 200%

A Fortune 500 insurance company had low agent engagement with their digital paid media program which meant they were not generating enough leads. By working with BrandMuscle, this customer saw a 3x increase in adoption among agents, resulting in an increase in leads.
increase in subscriptions
new agents enrolled and engaged
increase in localized digital media campaigns
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Low agent engagement in a digital paid media program meant low lead volume

Leads are the lifeblood of any insurance agent’s book of business.  

No leads = no clients = no revenue. 

So when a leading personal lines insurance company was trying to help their local agents increase leads, they attempted a new tactic: Offering partners a 50% subsidy to cover the costs of running digital paid media packages.   

These packages implemented various marketing tactics and three monthly budget options.  

But unfortunately, it was not as effective as they had hoped for. Agent engagement was still low.   

That’s when they reached out to BrandMuscle to help reconfigure the program with the ultimate goal of increasing agent enrollment and boosting lead flow.  


BrandMuscle restructured the program, leading to a 3x increase in agent enrollment

BrandMuscle began the engagement by analyzing the current program structure, its overall performance, and agent feedback.  

The recommendation was straightforward: Focus the program on lead-generating tactics only and offer more monthly budget options.   

BrandMuscle restructured and re-launched the program with three essential adjustments:  

  1. Paid search only (removed paid social and display ads)  
  1. A new starter package was introduced (at a lower budget point)  
  1. Increased subsidy from 50% to 75% on all packages

The results were phenomenal:   

  • 166 new agents enrolled and engaged — a 3x increase
  • 146% increase in highly targeted, localized digital media

Win. Win. Win. 

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