Holding your Marketing to a Higher Standard

Individual is the new local. Yet driving your prospects into neighborhood stores with measurable, customer-centric advertising continues to elude your grasp. Reaching today's consumer requires an integrated marketing approach to influence consumers throughout their path to purchase.

BrandMuscle and Search Discovery join forces to bring you the live webinar, Holding your Marketing to a Higher Standard. You’ll learn how to use data with purpose to architect and activate marketing activities with a measurable methodology that eliminates wasteful spending, and influences consumer engagement at the optimal time and place.

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Meet the Presenters:

Paul Elliott, President at BrandMuscle

As President, Paul Elliott is responsible for innovating, enhancing, and delivering the future of the BrandMuscle Integrated Marketing Platform. Since joining BrandMuscle in 2016 as Chief Digital Officer, Elliott has scaled the company’s digital offerings and led the creation of LocationBuilder®, the company’s award-winning breakthrough solution. He is a recognized thought leader in integrated marketing and customer engagement, with 20 years of experience helping global brands and their local outlets achieve significant results and return on marketing investments. Elliott is a recipient of Ad Age’s 40 under 40 honor and the Smart Business Smart 50 honor.

John Lovett, Senior Director of Data Strategy at Search Discovery

A former senior analyst at Forrester Research, John Lovett is a well known digital analytics thought leader who has dedicated over sixteen years to researching, writing, and consulting on data and analytics. He is widely recognized for his analytics strategy work that has helped large enterprises, mid-sized companies, and nonprofits gain value from digital data. Lovett served as the President of the Digital Analytics Association and was instrumental in shifting the focus of the organization from website data to all digital data. Lovett is a Certified Web Analyst and author of Social Media Metrics Secrets

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