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The Automotive industry is changing. According to the latest research by Google the buyer journey is turning towards digital over traditional tactics. Automotive brands need to shift their co-op focus to digital tactics and retire the traditional co-op model. Our Fund Management solution offers your dealers a seamless and efficient co-op experience and lets your agents spend co-op dollars or MDF in a variety of tactics with just a few clicks.

Simplified co-op experience

Our Fund Management platform was developed with a variety of users in mind. It can also be customized to fit your brand’s goals and visual experience.

A seamless user journey makes it easy for your dealers to submit pre-approvals and claims, with no need to open lengthy program guidelines for each claim submission.

Our platform comes equipped with built-in rules to guide the step-by-step in claim submission process.

Brand legal compliant marketing assets

Our integrated marketing suite is optimized to comply with regulations and other complex approval rules. We enable corporate, regional and field marketers to feel confident that their marketing execution will not only be highly effective but also compliant.

Your dealers will have access to legal compliance resources and advice for their local marketing campaigns, simplifying the approval process and saving time.

Performance-based program incentives

Fund Management is both easy to use and highly customizable. Corporate brands can reward dealers on a variety of rules like opting into tactics, hitting sales targets, utilization of funds, and brand compliance.

Use more than sales based accruals to engage your partners. Building an engaging and motivating experience will ultimately increase brand loyalty, and keep your products front of mind among your local partners.

Utilization of marketing funds

Provide your dealers with a seamless cross-functional co-op or MDF experience. Customize the spend application so dealers can use the funds to implement a variety of tactics or purchase POS and branded merchandise.

One platform allows them to purchase branded merchandise or opt into your customized marketing programs.

Customer Success

Global auto maker increases speed-to-market and reduces creative costs

A top car manufacturer needed a dynamic solution that streamlined ad creation. BrandMuscle helped reduce costs, save time and empower dealers with the Integrated Local Marketing Platform Brand Management platform.

Increased scalability, brand control, and speed-to-market coupled with the customization abilities for print ads led to a reduction of ad resizing costs spent with an outside agency.​ 

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