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Restaurants and Food Service

Leading restaurant chains look to BrandMuscle to empower their franchisees with the right tools to think globally and market locally.

Whether it’s launching new locations or optimizing in-store marketing campaigns, we help ensure that your local franchisees will be able to quickly and effectively execute traditional, digital, and print media to generate sales and create loyal customers. 

Our effective combination of digital tactics like paid social media and traditional tactics like direct mail will equip your franchisees with everything they need to stay top-of-mind in this fast-paced industry.

Leading Restaurants and Food Service Organizations Trust BrandMuscle

Streamline custom creative requests

Tired of being buried in custom creative requests from local partners? Streamline execution with brand equity protection built-in.

Using our Adobe InDesign-based platform will transform your existing creative files into customizable templates.

Our proprietary, sophisticated, and database-driven template rules ensure that every template maintains brand, legal, and pricing standards. Your local partners still get the flexible customization they need to ensure clear messaging and creative that is perfectly designed and delivered.

Comprehensive local insights

The more your local partners interact with an integrated marketing platform, the more insight you’ll have into their marketing activities.

Our insights and analytics let you identify the trends and patterns that help you construct even more effective local programs.

Get a granular view of local marketing campaign data to help understand ROMI.

Customer Success

Donut chain improves speed-to-market for franchisees

To sustain rapid growth, a national donut brand needed to provide franchisees with easy-to-use tools to boost brand awareness in their local communities.

Our platform’s capabilities reduced the need for one-off, custom marketing requests, which saved the client time and money. Franchisees can order TV and radio spots with brand-approved artwork and logos and create fresh content quickly to drive traffic to their stores. Backed by our muscle, the corporate marketing team gained more time to focus on strategy and growth opportunities.

BrandMuscle named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: ​Through-Channel Marketing Automation, Q2 2020

Selecting the right through-channel marketing automation solution for your business is not an easy task. In this report, Forrester Research, a leading global research and advisory firm breaks down the capabilities that enable complex cross-channel engagement strategies. See how 13 of the most significant TCMA vendors were evaluated on criteria that matters most to marketers.

Get revenue-boosting local marketing insights

The data you need to have a record-breaking year is here! The 2023 State of Local Marketing is a series of data-backed reports that uncover local partners' impact on the bottom line. The latest edition surveys 3,192 channel partners and analyzes 146,832 data points to bring you channel marketing takeaways designed maximize results.
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