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With 86% of total retail sales still generated at brick-and-mortar locations, retail marketing means local marketing. Location data, in-store measurement, and winning marketing’s last mile are more critical than ever.

BrandMuscle’s TCMA solution improves marketing spend and optimizes results. Convert online leads into local in-store customers. Execute events to promote grand openings and sidewalk sales. Reach customers inside the location with point-of-sale materials like branded flyers and brochures.

Single integrated platform

Many brands struggle with integrating multiple vendors to solve their local marketing challenges.

We provide brand and fund management solutions that tie directly to marketing execution and analytics.

Our integrated solution ensures that your local marketing programs get executed at scale and produce measurable results.

Reduce expensive one-off creative requests

Your local partners want creative that suits their unique needs and goals, and you want to be sure those assets are brand compliant.

We help reduce custom creative requests and turnaround time by leveraging dynamic, rules-based templates and approvals.


You want to get your brand campaign into your local partners’ hands quickly, but for many national brands, this can prove slow and cumbersome.

A single integrated source for marketing materials keeps the process flexible and responsive.

Your creative materials can be gated by region, user, or any custom rules your business sees fit.

Customer Success

Retail chain increases store traffic through digital media

In a rapidly changing and competitive environment, this well-known retailer needed to find a way to maximize their budget and target the right consumers.

Focusing on digital media, BrandMuscle’s Performance Marketing team created a hyper-local media program using data about the retailer’s target consumer and unique demographics. Leveraging programmatic media to focus on households, events, and competitor locations, the retailer was able to measure increased in-store traffic by each tactic and discover key consumer insights tied directly to business impact.

BrandMuscle named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: ​Through-Channel Marketing Automation, Q2 2020

Selecting the right through-channel marketing automation solution for your business is not an easy task. In this report, Forrester Research, a leading global research and advisory firm breaks down the capabilities that enable complex cross-channel engagement strategies. See how 13 of the most significant TCMA vendors were evaluated on criteria that matters most to marketers.

Get revenue-boosting local marketing insights

The data you need to have a record-breaking year is here! The 2023 State of Local Marketing is a series of data-backed reports that uncover local partners' impact on the bottom line. The latest edition surveys 3,192 channel partners and analyzes 146,832 data points to bring you channel marketing takeaways designed maximize results.
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