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Working with affiliates, managed service providers, and value-added resellers can quickly become a challenge if there is no clear channel marketing strategy. More than 50% of managed service providers cite marketing as a tough task.

BrandMuscle’s TCMA suite is designed to tackle such a challenge. Our solutions help channel partners execute effective, scalable, and brand-compliant marketing campaigns while helping channel marketers set up programs to reward partners and improve partner engagement.

Multiple program options

Defining your affiliate and partner program is the first step in creating a multi-channel strategy. BrandMuscle's Fund Management product gives you the flexibility to set up a variety of strategic channel programs from co-op to incentive programs.

You will be able to easily segment your wide range of products and achieve your strategic goals through the channel programs.

Ready-to-use, branded marketing collateral

Your partners will have access to brand-approved templates to customize for their marketing campaigns.

We provide complete marketing enablement for managed service providers and other channel partners including value-added reseller, integrators, consultants, and independent software vendors, helping them sell more.

Customer Success

Tech giant automates worldwide partner incentive program

The channel marketing team at a Big 4 tech firm needed improved tools to manage the company’s global sales incentive programs, increasing speed and accuracy. ​

BrandMuscle implemented an online channel incentive solution to automate the allocation and distribution of partner incentive payments based on lead value. Incentive payments are dynamically calculated and routed through an international payment and processing system in the business partner’s currency of choice.

Participating partners gain easy access to enrollment, campaign performance, sales reporting, program-related terms and special event incentives. A full suite of reporting is also available on-demand for corporate and field marketing teams. 

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