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Consumer demand for constant connectivity drives growth and competition in the telecommunications industry. To beat the competition and keep customers loyal, dealers and retailers depend on speed-to-market solutions that can manage price changes and promotions effectively.

Three of the country’s top five telecommunication companies trust BrandMuscle to grow their subscriber base and revenue.

Leading Telecommunications Companies Trust BrandMuscle

Consolidation and regionalized network

In this maturing industry, wireline business has lost considerable market share, and telecom companies have regionalized and consolidated their network to build scale and absorb cost.

Our solution includes analytics that are integrated at every stage of the journey to help you develop, execute, and optimize a hyper-local strategy. Automation and scale make your local partners’ marketing campaigns more effective.

A large telecom company saw an 18% reduction in cost per acquisition of new customers.

Subscriber growth flattens

Industry forecasts predict a modest 0-2% increase in service revenue and low subscriber growth, as handset replacement and upgrades slow in favor of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Telecom companies are using unlimited plans and deep promotions to attract customers.

Our solutions can help develop informed offers to appeal to individual customers, then determine how and when to reach them to drive conversion and retention.

New growth areas

Using 5G technology, digital transformation, and data analytics, mobile operators can achieve breakthrough cost saving and increase sales.

Our insights are the key to successful reinvention, infusing digital media into traditional media, using data to optimize integrated campaigns. Creating more cost-effective results and building a deeper digital presence for dealers and partners will prepare them for long-term success.

“There is a reason we have one of the most loyal customer bases in America,” said the VP of one large telecom company. “Our dealers have the BrandMuscle tools to engage locally on social channels.”

Customer Success

Fortune 500 telecom leverages data to improve conversion rates

A telecom giant saw local affiliate websites receiving strong consumer traffic, but they wanted to improve their conversion rates.

We reviewed incoming website and media data and compared it against industry benchmarked data. With valuable new insights into a several key opportunities to improve, the company initiated a site redesign, altered the landing page for media traffic, and whitelisted sites and devices to increase the quality of traffic.

BrandMuscle named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: ​Through-Channel Marketing Automation, Q2 2020

Selecting the right through-channel marketing automation solution for your business is not an easy task. In this report, Forrester Research, a leading global research and advisory firm breaks down the capabilities that enable complex cross-channel engagement strategies. See how 13 of the most significant TCMA vendors were evaluated on criteria that matters most to marketers.

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