Manufacture local marketing success

Empower your distributors and affiliates to amplify their marketing efforts and lead more buyers to your products. By leveraging a flexible system of solutions for the manufacturing industry, your dealers can better serve customers and increase revenue.

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Local marketing solutions that work for you


Increase your local marketing footprint

Your products may not be the only ones your dealers are selling — which means you’re likely competing with other brands for share of mind and ad space.

Create co-branded marketing materials for your partners to promote your products. This gives them a lucrative way to advertise their local businesses and boost sales while building trusting, valued relationships.

BrandMuscle Solution Fortune 1000 Brand Management

Local marketing solutions that work for you

Brand management

Ensure compliant marketing

Maintain control over your brand by providing your partners with customizable assets and pre-approved templates that adhere to brand and legal compliance standards for the manufacturing industry. Your marketing message will remain unified, lawful, and consistent across your channel partners, resulting in greater customer loyalty.

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Local marketing solutions that work for you

Fund management

Maximize your marketing results through co-op dollars

Provide market development or co-op funds to dealers to incentivize the most effective tactics — and pull back on strategies that don’t drive revenue. These dollars also motivate affiliates to promote your brand over other manufacturers.

Whether your affiliates want digital assets, printed materials, or swag merchandise, you can make it happen while ensuring all co-op claims are compliant with your rules and regulations.

BrandMuscle Solution Fortune 1000 Fund Management
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Learn how Bobcat boosted dealer participation and conversions
With over 700 dealerships across North America and dwindling dealer engagement, Bobcat needed to increase and maintain marketing participation. We helped them adjust their marketing tactics and enrollment processes to significantly boost program participation and drive more conversions.
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