The alcohol supplier’s large-scale print production was inefficient and wasteful

A well-known alcohol supplier was having issues managing its large-scale print production.

The process was all in-house and included multiple vendors.

Long-run orders.

Customized one-off projects.


All were time-consuming and cumbersome, creating excessive point-of-sale (POS) inventory waste. This, in turn, often delayed bringing new collateral to market.

The supplier needed a simple, efficient method to manage this large-scale print production across its broad portfolio of alcoholic beverage brands.


Consolidator simplified and streamlined the print production process

The client hired BrandMuscle and leveraged the power of Consolidator, a solution that streamlines the print process through bulk printing. More efficient. More cost-effective.

A single vendor (BrandMuscle) and a streamlined printing process (Consolidator) helped this client with ordering, billing, tracking, and monitoring print runs.

In the first year, they ran eight Consolidator POS print campaigns and saw a 20% reduction in POS inventory waste.

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