eBook: Easy Ways to Boost Co-op Participation and Compliance

According to our State of Local Marketing Report, 86% of local business partners find co-op funds critical to executing local marketing, but nearly half of them leave these funds on the table. This results in a lose-lose situation for both the corporate brand and the local business partner. 

In order to increase revenue, both parties must support each other. Corporate needs to listen to how and to what their program partners want to market. By listening to your program partners, corporate will understand which tactics truly resonate in their community and be able to offer co-op for them, while also funding tactics that, at the macro-level, you know will help drive sales and increase brand awareness. It’s a give and take relationship.

Learn how corporate marketers can listen to their local business partners and reap the rewards of improved communication.

Easy Ways to Boost Co-op Participation and Compliance
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