Financial Services & Insurance

The insurance and financial services industry can be a complex matrix of rules, regulations, and legal intricacies. Throw brand compliance into the mix, and the urgent need for a solid local marketing plan is even more apparent. 

With eight out of 10 agents citing lead generation as their biggest hurdle, it’s time to take action. BrandMuscle’s experience in the insurance and financial space spans more than a decade, and the strong partnership with current top clients in the industry solidifies our understanding of the space. Our tools and technology are made specifically to tailor to each individual agent to better serve their customers while protecting the brand name. 

BrandMuscle’s Performance Marketing Team places millions of dollars in local media spends each year, while supporting tens of thousands of local marketing templates and branded assets to increase our clients’ online marketing presence. From one-on-one media execution to the diligent management of crucial co-op funds, let BrandMuscle help champion your local marketing efforts.

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“Recognizing the unique needs of our agents across the country is crucial to the success of our local programs. We need to create materials and programs that feel one-of-a-kind but that work for thousands!” -Allison Woodin, Marketing Manager, Allstate
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  • Chase
  • Farmers
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  • Huntington
  • KeyBank
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