Every manufacturer faces different marketing challenges. The ability to interact directly with your customers is often limited, so reaching them in their path to purchase takes strategic planning and execution. In this industry, predisposing customers to your brand is crucial to completing a sale.

BrandMuscle gets it. With our full suite of local marketing tools, BrandMuscle empowers your channel partners with the right tools and resources they need to communicate with prospects and customers using both print and digital media. We motivate your sales channel to sell more of your products with materials and support from our local marketing specialists. We entice them to push your product lines first and secure more shelf space.

Executing local marketing to drive sales in the manufacturing industry is not an easy endeavor. Leave the heavy lifting to us so you can focus more on strategic initiatives.

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Brandmuscle executed a digital campaign that saw a 145% improvement in tracked conversion events for a flooring manufacturing client.
  • Goodyear
  • Armstrong
  • Primaloft
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