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Importance of Local Marketing

Even though customers may find you first online, nine out of 10 shoppers are looking to buy at physical stores in their neighborhood. At BrandMuscle, we take incredibly sophisticated data science, and combine it with human scale to make sure that your customers remain just that, yours, while getting new prospects walking in your local businesses’ doors. 

We call it precision marketing, which provides a new and more accountable form of marketing that challenges the way marketers think about what's possible and what should be expected from their investments. No longer will marketers blindly spend their precious dollars on single channel tactics with little understanding of their effectiveness. Instead, data and insights provide precise guidance on the right mix of traditional and digital tactics to use, while advanced technology pinpoints and delivers unique marketing messages at the right time and place to influence customer behaviors. 

We empower local business partners by providing the tools and insights that simply haven’t been available outside of national marketing campaigns, allowing the time-strapped, single proprietor to take full advantage of the power of the national brand.

We get people stepping across your welcome mat. Your national level campaigns made them aware of what they want, and we point them in the right direction to get it. Learn how BrandMuscle's end-to-end solution will make your cash register ring. 

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BrandMuscle provides brands with unmatched local precision marketing experience and expertise to address some of the biggest challenges they face.
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