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As your one-stop shop for revenue-generating local marketing solutions and services, BrandMuscle gives you all the tools you need to succeed — guaranteed. Our meticulously vetted technology and service partners amplify the power of our platform, enabling you to drive next-level results for your brand.

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Record-breaking results with cutting-edge technology

Leverage top-of-the-line technology solutions that offer exceptional scalability, efficiency, and speed to market. By providing behind-the-scenes software infrastructure support, our tech partners are always finding ways to help you elevate your outcomes.

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Finding more avenues to serve you

Our network of value-added resellers, ranging from local marketing agencies to software vendors across various markets, allows us to serve more customers like you.

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Maximize your affiliates’ marketing capabilities

Leverage extended product and service offerings to elevate your marketing and sales enablement. With over 1.5 million active users in our marketplace, your affiliates can be sure to find the tools and capabilities they need to boost your marketing outcomes.

Already have existing vendor relationships? No problem. We can integrate these tools into our platform to create an all-in-one solution tailored to you and your affiliates’ needs.

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Launch campaigns with trusted tools

Our strategic marketing partners — joined with the brainpower of our Strategic Marketing team — are ready to make your next campaign your most successful one yet. We leverage tools from dozens of trusted brands to ensure your local marketing hits home with your target audience.

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Strengthen your offerings

Amplify the power of your solutions by uniting them with a best-in-class platform that combines cutting-edge technology with dependable marketing services.

Provide more value

By partnering with BrandMuscle, you can provide more value to your customers. By giving consumers the holistic solutions, they need to succeed, you boost their overall satisfaction, leading to greater retention and revenue growth.

Lean on our expertise

Work with the industry leader. With over 20 years spent serving 175 of the world’s biggest brands and over 1.5 million local businesses, you can trust you’re working with the best.

Our vetting process

We’re passionate about partnering with best-in-class, like-minded organizations. If you’re focused on customer-centricity, aligned with our core values, and can support clients in having record-breaking local marketing results – let’s talk. Partners help us deliver increased market share, boost marketing efficiencies, and elevate brand awareness for our customers and affiliates.

“By partnering with BrandMuscle, we’re able to strengthen our own solution and further propel the success of countless incentive programs. We’re ecstatic about this opportunity and the impact it will have on our customers’ ability to optimize channel program performance and revenue.”
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