The 3 E’s of Co-op Fund Management Ebook

February 25

Ease, Education, and Effectiveness

Consider three key elements when selecting or optimizing your co-op and marketing fund management programs.

Ensure ease of use to cut the complexity of marketing fund management: Learn how to calculate risk and what questions you should be asking. Education allows you to create a smarter, more powerful co-op program: Do you how to select the right vendor and communicate consistently with local partners? Audit your program’s effectiveness by harnessing data to drive co-op engagement: Use data to inform your marketing strategy, increase partner participation and drive sales.

Ultimately, learn how to choose a platform that fits your business, and select a vendor partner you trust. The right partnership will let you scale comfortably, champion simplification and consolidation, and reach your channel partners in a way that encourages enrollment and active engagement with your brand.

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