11 Ways to Engage Channel Partners in New Marketing Programs

11 Ways to Engage Channel Partners in New Marketing Programs

Introducing new marketing programs to your channel partners can be an exciting and stressful time. It’s easy to forget how little most local marketers know about new emerging tactics, and that most people need to hear something at least four times before it sticks! Here are 11 ways to engage channel partners to make sure your new marketing programs get the attention and support that they deserve.

    1. Email Campaigns

    Just as you’d inform customers of new product offerings, you should inform channel partners over email about new marketing programs. Plan a campaign of emails, including a new tactic introduction, success story, and other interesting bite-sized reminders about the opportunity to opt-in to new marketing programs.

    2. Internal Site Header or Blog

    If your company has an internal blog or site, this is the perfect place to share information about new programs! Try to update it each time you have new marketing programs or tactics available.

    3. Hallway and Breakroom Flyers

    As many companies return to the office, remember that hallways and break rooms are still a big billboard for any business. Share information to create a buzz for your new marketing programs by word-of-mouth.

    4. Display Your Expertise

    Why not prove the prowess of your campaigns by running a display campaign targeted at your own list of channel partners? Advertise the program with a playful phrase like “If you’re reading this, so will your customers.” Include your brand’s logo and a link to the company sign-up.

    5. SMS Notification

    If your channel partners are opted-in to company SMS notifications, you could send a reminder of the deadline to launch a campaign under the new program.

    6. Teams, Slack, or Basecamp Posts

    Utilize your company’s communication channels for more than memes! Send a message over Teams, Slack, or Basecamp that includes a flyer about your new marketing program to your affiliates to inspire interest and questions.

    7. Informational Webinars

    Whether you host it yourself or have a BrandMuscle partner host it for you, a webinar is a great way to share more detailed information, demos, and to answer questions for everyone all at once, especially if you introduce a more complex marketing program.

    8. Company Facebook Page

    If your brand has a team Facebook page, utilize it to spread the word about your new program. This is especially effective if you share a success story of a partner who has already had success with your program, and you tag them in the post.

    9. Educational Conference Session

    When it’s time for a company conference, include a session about your channel marketing programs. Brandmuscle is happy to co-present with you to generate interest and increase adoption.

    10. Call Them

    Shocking as it may be to folks under 30, mobile devices do still work for phone calls, too! A simple 1:1 conversation can make the difference between a partner adopting your new program or not. Or, try dialing up your internal influencers. The channel partners that you know influence internal cohorts can become your strongest advocates and program ambassadors.

    11. Offer Incentives to Try It

    People like to win prizes of any size. Even awarding a $10 Starbucks card to the first 25 channel partners who try a new tactic can be enough of an incentive to get someone to click.

Remember that what you share is just as critical as getting heard. To compel action with your program, your updates should contain results, first-hand stories about peer outcomes, information about market-share threats that can be solved with the program, and simple instructions on how to follow through.

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