How AI and Automation Fuel Integrated Marketing Results Webinar

How AI and Automation Fuel Integrated Marketing Results Webinar

Forrester weighs in on the future of AI

Tuesday, August 22nd 9am PST/ 12pm EST

To meet heightened expectations for digital experiences, B2B and channel marketers need solutions that optimize automatically to drive outsized results.

Increasing adoption of conversation automation and AI reflects a new normal of consumer expectation and workforce augmentation. For Main Street marketers in a B2B2Channel structure, AI streamlines and accelerates marketing planning, activation, and measurement.

Buyers, customers, marketers, and sellers are all inspired by their consumer experiences with AI and are looking to better use these technologies for business purposes.

This session will explore opportunities to leverage generative AI, machine learning recommendations, and conversation automation to get more leads, reduce marketing costs, and fuel precision marketing interactions that put the customer first.

By attending the webinar, you will:

  • Understand how to best leverage emerging AI technologies
  • See how innovative leaders are already winning with AI
  • Learn how you and your channel partners can boost marketing outcomes

Meet the Speakers

Jessie Johnson

Forrester, Principal Analyst

Jessie is a principal analyst in demand and account-based marketing research focused on real-time buyer enablement, conversational interactions, and emerging trends in program design and activation to fuel the revenue engine.

Sarah Hennessy


As Senior Director of Product Management, Sarah oversees all of BrandMuscle's AI, analytics, and fund management projects. With over 13 years working at BrandMuscle, Sarah shapes the strategic product roadmap to successfully meet the evolving needs of local channel partner marketing programs.