AI Is Revolutionizing Local Marketing: Here's What You Need to Know

AI Is Revolutionizing Local Marketing: Here’s What You Need to Know

You’ve heard the buzz around AI — but how can it help you drive better local marketing results?

AI empowers you and your local affiliates to accelerate revenue by squeezing more local marketing from your limited time and resources. Want to learn how it works?

See how AI lets affiliates do more marketing with less resources. If you’ve ever felt a little intimidated by AI (because same) watch now to learn how to make AI your superpower.

Join the webinar to:

  • See how the latest AI technology is revolutionizing local marketing.
  • Get a sneak peek into our AI solution —
  • Grasp how easy and accessible AI can be for you and your affiliates. 
  • Demystify artificial intelligence and understand why it’s an absolute game-changer.
  • Learn how AI creates content, executes tactics, and streamlines workflows.

About the Presenters

Helen Baptist

Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer

With over 20 years of go-to-market (GTM) expertise and a history of ensuring organizational alignment for companies like PathFactory, ItemMaster, and Fishbowl Inc., Helen is no stranger to delivering value and driving tangible results. Since joining BrandMuscle in November 2022, her focus has been on elevating BrandMuscle’s GTM strategy and enhancing the customer journey to help brands and their affiliates optimize local marketing to grow revenue.

James Morse

Senior Vice President, Product Management

James bridges the gap between business requirements and technical capabilities for BrandMuscle clients. With a deep understanding of BrandMuscle’s software and services, James leads product and works directly with client stakeholders to truly understand their business objectives from start to finish.