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Are You Burying Your Partners in Rules? Co-op Guidelines Simplified.

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort drafting the perfect guidelines for your co-op program. But perfect for corporate might not be perfect for participants. More often than not, most co-op programs fail to deliver due to complicated rules and processes.

This on-demand webinar offers a candid look at the guidelines that are being used by leaders and laggards in co-op programming. If you want better results and are willing to consider making some simple changes to your co-op guidelines, then this webinar’s for you.

Meet the Experts:

James Morse, Senior Solutions Architect

James Morse bridges the gap between business requirements and technical capabilities for both BrandMuscle clients and prospects in his role as Senior Sales Engineer. He has more than 10 years of experience in distributed marketing, project management, new client implementations, and co-op marketing for Fortune 500 brands. With a deep understanding of BrandMuscle’s software and services, James frequently and successfully leads large client onboardings, working directly with client stakeholders to truly understand their business objectives from start to finish. Prior to BrandMuscle, James held positions at Easy2 Technologies and Perceptis LLC. He holds a BS in Management and Economics from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

Jen Oloo, Strategic Co-op Marketing Advisor

Jen Oloo has spent her professional career working with top Fortune companies, focused on channel marketing and solving complex problems to drive sales and increase engagement for organizations with  partner, retailer, dealer, agent, and  franchisee models. As an expert in the co-op marketing space, brands rely on Jen for  innovative thinking, strategic planning and measurable results  within their partner channels. Equally skilled at identifying goals and translating strategies into  tactical plans, she is focused on accelerated program growth, and  supporting corporate leaders to become rockstars in their industry. Jen holds an MBA from Saunders School of Business, Rochester Institute of Technology and has a  proven track record  in a variety of client verticals, having positively impacted their bottom line.