Best of the Blog 2019 - BrandMuscle

Best of the Blog 2019

BrandMuscle relaunched our website in June, with a new look and vastly improved user experience. We also took a closer look at our content measurement metrics and trend tracking. As 2019 comes to a close, we wanted to share some of our most popular blogs with you, in case you missed them or needed a timely reminder. (We’re looking at you, seasonal alcohol and beverage marketing!)

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How to Measure Retail Foot Traffic

Jen Miles and Maggie Thomas examine how foot traffic studies allow retailers to measure shoppers who have seen their advertisement, and analytically track them as they enter their physical location. “The ability to measure foot traffic is vital for their potential to grow and maximize ROI. Analyzing foot traffic not only allows retailers to measure the effectiveness of their advertising, but offers a new metric on the reach of their campaign. Foot traffic studies can provide unparalleled insights to retailers, specifically local businesses.”

Top 3 Benefits of Co-op Programs

Adam Gockowski works one-on-one with local insurance agents for one of the country’s top insurance brands, helping them use their co-op funds on local marketing campaigns. “I’ve worked with insurance agents that own multiple locations and with agents that are newly licensed. Agents spend co-op on many different types of advertising campaigns, from large billboards to high school yearbook ads, but there are a few tactics that prove especially beneficial.”

Is BrandMuscle an Ad Agency?

Intern Johnathan Risner warns against lumping together all organizations that provide advertisement and marketing programs. “It can be difficult for someone outside of the company to develop a thorough grasp of what exactly BrandMuscle is, and more importantly, what we do. To say that Brandmuscle is simply a ‘marketing’ or ‘ad agency’ would be to pigeonhole a vast organization with over 1,000 customer-focused employees who specialize in everything from technology engineering to UX/UI, digital, SEO/SEM, social, and location data management.”

Seasonal and Holiday Best Practices: Local Beverage Alcohol Marketing

While this leans into the summer holidays, the advice is relevant in winter holiday marketing, too. Think carefully about brand positioning, planning both for the short and long game, measurement, and social media.

Does Being Local Still Matter?

Brandon Tidd examines the importance of local marketing even in the era of digital advertising, which has lowered the barrier to entry for small businesses, while simultaneously giving them access to an unprecedented level of targetability. “Local affiliates of big brands are perfectly positioned to capitalize on this shift in consumer behavior. By harnessing the power of national brand recognition at the local level, these business owners are empowered to make an impact in the very communities where they themselves live, work, and play.”