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Blinds Manufacturer Customization Success Story

Blinds Manufacturer Scales Customizable Print Brochures



Staff hours saved

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Largest volume of book orders from a dealer

Error-free white glove accuracy rate


One of the world's leading manufacturers of custom window treatments relies on a vast network of independent dealers for distribution. These dealers are a mixture of home décor store owners, window coverings retailers, custom integrators and interior designers. In order to drive sales, the company created a product brochure titled specifically for their dealers to use as a lead-generation tool. This brochure would allow dealers to show customers attractive product images of the brand's many product styles and explain features and benefits, while providing contact information for the dealer on the back cover. With approximately 6,000 independent retailers, scaling this project was challenging. How could they customize the brochure with local dealer logos, location information, and then print and ship the booklet to all of those dealers?


Like creating blinds for the brand, scaling corporate marketing campaigns across multiple locations is BrandMuscle’s specialty. The client used our easy-to-use BrandBuilder platform and hosted their brochure on the site. This allowed individual dealers to pick from two design options then begin white glove service, where BrandMuscle customized the brochure by uploading and modifying the logo with each dealer’s phone numbers and contact info, and ensured brand consistency and compliance.

The brand also needed help coordinating with dealers. That process is time consuming. It involves a lot of back and forth communication, which can slow the process and create errors. BrandMuscle utilized our support team to keep momentum and perform quality assurance. Many dealers are mom and pop stores. They’re busy. Emails pile up. Using BrandBuilder makes it possible for dealers to opt-in to the brochure marketing program in just a few clicks and take advantage of white glove service. That way dealers don’t have to commit a lot of time or learn new skills. Because the company is investing corporate funds to produce the brochures, it’s important to ensure their dollars are well-utilized and stretched the furthest by getting everything right the first time. Accuracy is essential. BrandMuscle’s teams routinely follows up with dealers to check that dealer information is correct in the brochures. Performing quality assurance means proofreading, polishing, and making the brochure customer-friendly. BrandMuscle has a 99.7% error-free accuracy rate. The majority of dealers consider these books an integral part of their go-to-market activities.


“Through a successful integration with a third-party print and fulfillment partner, our online brochure customization program with BrandMuscle provides our dealers with a turnkey process, from customization and ordering of their brochures to printing, shipping, and delivery tracking.

This solution has greatly reduced the number of man-hours required to manage the program.”

Senior Manager, Marketing Programs