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Crunch Fitness Grows With BrandMuscle

Chad Waetzig, EVP of Marketing and Branding at Crunch Fitness, reflects on the company's growth journey and trajectory with BrandMuscle.


“Prior to starting our partnership with BrandMuscle, a franchisee would send an email to one of our marketing manager for literally every creative request we had, and that was the way we managed the process. It was very complex, very time consuming, and we realized we needed something different.

We put out an RFP and looked at a lot of folks operating in the space. One place where BrandMuscle stood head and shoulders above everybody else was in their ability to create a platform that was flexible, customizable, and scalable, as we were looking to grow our business. They were the clear winner in our search.

One of the biggest challenges in running a franchise business is brand compliance. Prior to working with BrandMuscle, we would oftentimes find franchisees hiring their local graphic designer and developing their own creative assets. Now, we control the entire process, and we get to see what our franchisees are using, what are the most popular assets, what are the least popular assets, and then we can tailor our programs to best meet our franchisees’ needs.

Looking ahead five years, Crunch is on a dramatic growth trajectory. We’ve sold well over 1,300 locations, we’re sitting at well over 415 today. The great thing about our growth trajectory is we know BrandMuscle is going to be there as a long-term partner because their platform is built for companies like ours: rapid growth, multiple units, multiple franchisees. It’s going to be an exciting five years.”

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