Defenders of Compliance Webinar

Defenders of Compliance Webinar

Compliance matters more than you think. Here’s what corporate marketers need to know.

Your retailers might be putting your brand at risk without you even knowing it. That’s why it’s essential for Beverage Alcohol distributors and suppliers to have a solid compliance strategy in place. View this on-demand webinar to get a crash course on compliance from the experts themselves. Watch now to defend your brand against unwanted legal and compliance risks.

Get ready to learn:

  • Why compliance should be top of mind for suppliers and distributors.
  • How to empower your retailers to mitigate compliance risks.
  • What resources you need to combat noncompliance.
  • The consequences of using noncompliant marketing assets.
  • Why complying with state and federal guidelines matters.
  • How to enforce your branding standards.

About the Presenters

Emily Jones

Vice President of Creative Services

Emily has worked with Beverage Alcohol clients at BrandMuscle for 12 years. She spent her first six years as a designer, where she worked directly with distributors. Now, she manages the Creative Services team, overseeing custom creative development for all Bev-Alc suppliers and distributors. Emily specializes in creative team management, POS print design, and process improvement. Managing a high volume of daily creative orders, she works closely with other departments to ensure timely delivery, compliance, and client satisfaction.

Chloe Olson

Director of Product Marketing

Chloe is the Director of Product Marketing, specializing in print and fulfillment within the Beverage Alcohol industry. She has supported 14 Bev-Alc clients in her five years with BrandMuscle and is responsible for defining our product value proposition and guiding the development of innovative solutions for customer needs.