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Digital Brochures: The One-Stop-Shop Tactic for Beverage and Alcohol Distributors
February 6, 2019

Beverage and alcohol suppliers and distributors tend to intertwine when it comes to their marketing strategies, with distributors often following along with supplier brand strategy. Yet today’s growing digital landscape offers plenty of room for distributors to innovate with their tactics.

Turning a B2B printed merchandise catalogue into a digital brochure, with products and pricing specific to the retailer offers an excellent digital tactic for distributors looking to increase ROI. This tactic allows the distributor to read measurements and micro-conversions within the brochure, from product interactions to contact form use.

“Consumers only really care about the brand, which makes it hard for distributors to break off from strategies and tactics used by suppliers,” says Ray Trantina, President, Wine & Spirits at BrandMuscle. “A digital brochure allows distributors to strike a balance between the traditional outlets that suppliers use paired with the creativity that distributors can utilize to expand their reach on the digital front, and that, I believe, bodes well for the way the industry is going, and ultimately what it will be.”

Digital Brochures enhance the user experience for the distributor’s audience through interactive functionality. These brochures can contain several features to capture the attention of the audience, such as custom animations, magnification, interactive carousels, social media page feeds, charts and graphs, animated titles, pop-ups, calculators, videos, and more.

Digital Brochures make it easy for distributors to showcase products and services that assist in customer decision making with a modern, more accessible twist. Users can craft unique and personalized pages quickly and efficiently, tailored to a specific audience. Corporate maintains control over messaging and content, while distributors build the desired personal connection with customers.

BrandMuscle makes National Priority Playbook from Southern Glazier more efficient, scalable, and measurable

The regional teams at one of our distributor clients approached us to see if we could produce a digital brochure that would showcase their national program information for the local market sales reps. They requested that we come up with something that would capture all participating suppliers, programs, timelines, and markets affected into a single, cohesive document that could be shared among leadership teams. Outlined within the document would be the goals, brands participating, and any associated incentives that were tied to the programs.

Developing a single source for all of this information to reside was a key component of their ask. The original digital brochure launched two years ago, and since then we’ve updated it on a quarterly basis. In an effort to stay even more relevant, we’ll be updating this monthly for the client as programs become available or expire. This has been a great tool for leadership within the regions as this is a one-stop document for all relevant supplier programs that are running during a given period of time.