Drive ROI With AI: Channel Marketing With a Virtual Assistant​​

Drive ROI With AI: The Future of Channel Marketing With a Virtual Assistant

Discover how AI is transforming the channel marketing landscape by helping partners drive more revenue with less effort

In this webcast, BrandMuscle and guest Forrester explore how AI can solve channel marketing challenges, from program utilization to local marketing guidance and execution.

  • Define current and future challenges in the channel marketing space
  • Meet Markie, the industry’s first local marketing virtual assistant that makes intelligent recommendations for what marketing actions to take
  • Learn how AI can enhance the customer, partner, and employee experience
  • Explore where AI and virtual assistants fit in with your marketing technology stack
  • Discuss top use cases for AI in channel marketing, including increasing program utilization, providing tactic recommendations, and automating local marketing execution

About the Presenters

Sarah Hennessy

Senior Director, Product Management, BrandMuscle

As Senior Director of Product Innovation at BrandMuscle, Sarah shapes the strategic product roadmap to successfully meet the evolving needs of local channel partner marketing programs.

Featured Guest Speaker

Jessie Johnson

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Jessie is a principal analyst in demand and account-based marketing research at Forrester, focused on real-time buyer enablement, conversational interactions, and emerging trends in program design and activation to fuel the revenue engine.