Hospitality Company Digital Asset Management Success Story - BrandMuscle
Hospitality Company Digital Asset Management Success Story
November 17, 2020

Hospitality Company Scales Local Brand Activation by Empowering Hotel Operators with Access to Marketing Assets


The marketing team of a leading global hospitality company with a portfolio of 18 premier brands and over 875 locations across the globe sought a way to efficiently manage and share millions of constantly-changing digital assets—including images of each of their properties (e.g. guest rooms, ballrooms, gyms, pools, bars and restaurants, etc.)—with various audiences. The hospitality company was using Adobe Experience Manager, a digital asset management (DAM) technology that provides robust capabilities to the corporate marketing team for managing and sharing assets with agencies, publishers and advertisers on third-party travel sites. However, the hotel operators needed a tool that was less complicated and would allow them to leverage approved digital assets to produce brand-compliant marketing for their respective properties.


By implementing BrandMuscle’s integrated local marketing platform for its global hotel properties, the hospitality company’s hotel operators now have on-demand access to customizable marketing templates in eight languages and can leverage hotel-specific imagery within marketing materials through an integration with its DAM platform. Through the integration with Adobe Experience Manager, BrandMuscle is able to pull new and updated images multiple times per day.



“BrandMuscle’s integration with our DAM has allowed us to maximize our investment in digital assets by making them available for use by our Operators in an easy and brand compliant way.”

SVP & Global Head of Digital, Global Hospitality Company