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How To Submit a Co-op Reimbursement Claim in Less Than 1 Minute

With BrandMuscle’s co-op marketing platform, partners can submit a claim to use their corporate co-op dollars in less than 1 minute.

    1. Login to the BrandMuscle Intelligent Local Marketing Platform and navigate to “Manage Co-op”
    2. Click “Submit a claim” and select your program details
    3. Enter information about your marketing efforts, including tactic type, campaign length, and cost
    4. Add attachments, such as the creative materials or invoices, to verify what the reimbursement is for
    5. Review and submit your claim

Give your partners a seamless co-op fund management platform. No more spreadsheets, no more delayed reimbursement. Learn more about how to streamline your co-op program, maximize co-op fund utilization, or check out a co-op marketing success story.