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Insurance Co-op Utilization Success Story

Insurance Leader Grows Co-op Fund Usage and Increases Agent Investment in Marketing


This insurance company originally came to BrandMuscle for a fund management platform that could handle the complexities of local marketing within their competitive industry. Co-op utilization and agent satisfaction were low because the approval and reimbursement process was long and frustrating. Further, they needed to mitigate risk association with legal compliance within agent advertising.


Since teaming with BrandMuscle 14 years ago, this strategic partner has thrived. Utilizing our full-service team of local marketing experts, they have gained complete visibility into co-op usage and effectiveness, which empowers them to optimize investments, allocate resources toward top performing agents, and reduce out-of-pocket cost for agents. As a result, more agents have invested their own funds in marketing, which is a significant contributor to local marketing maturity and agent satisfaction.



funds managed annually

utilization rate

active agents

local agent media buys delivered annually

YOY growth In media spend

“Local advertising is an integral part of what we do as community leaders. Being able to leverage BrandMuscle’s platform and team for getting prices, choosing ads, and facilitating the process of using my co-op is a big help for me, as we all need extra capacity.” ​

BrandMuscle Client, Insurance Agent