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Local Marketing Wins in 9 Stats

Enable your local channel partners to create ads and collateral, optimize MDF and co-op programs, and implement scalable and brand-compliant marketing campaigns. Our customers grow and succeed with a simplified, integrated platform, with results like these:

A global financial services firm saved $4M in the first year after implementing processes that sped up ad production and simplified the user network.
A tech giant automated the allocation and distribution of global partner sales incentive program and realized a 40% growth in approved campaigns.
A global automotive maker realized an over 10% increase in co-op program utilization by simplifying the claims process, implementing bonus funds, and adding a temporary reimbursement boost.
A leading telecom company tied sales data to marketing data to examine the impact of media programs. Using our execution services drove a nearly 20% reduction in cost per sale.
A top tire manufacturer leveraged programmatic geo-fencing to target in-market consumers and measure in-store lift. This program is exceeding KPI targets by 25%.
A national telecom company increased SEO and Google My Business ranking and traffic by 43% through location data optimization, and localized microsite programs.
A national insurance provider saw a 14X jump in quote traffic through a mix of strategic local media buys and digital solutions using our brand Mmanagement platform.
By using benchmarked industry data, a top telecom company improved page views by 52% and saw a 63% increase in site conversion rates for their local affiliate sites.
A leading telecom company saw an 18% reduction in cost per acquisition on local marketing programs, using integrating insights and analytics.