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Medical Device Company Innovative Local Marketing Success Story

Align Technology Leverages BrandMuscle’s Creative Capabilities To Amplify National Sports Sponsorship


Align Technology is a global medical device company whose premier product, Invisalign clear aligners, has been used by over 3 million patients and has revolutionized orthodontic restorative treatment. Align knew that Invisalign could change even more peoples’ lives if their message could reach customers through hyper-local marketing. When Align became an “Official Clear Aligner Sponsor” of the NFL in 2020, they came to BrandMuscle to produce marketing materials that would give their sports sponsorship legs. The company was unsure how to leverage their national sponsorship in a way that would allow the messaging to reach the local level.


BrandMuscle recognized that Align’s vast network of partner dentists provided an immediate way to reach customers in local markets throughout the U.S. Together, BrandMuscle and Align produced 6,267 Align Technology Sports Marketing Kits tailored to 12 NFL teams, ranging from the Chicago Bears to the Superbowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as well as the Carolina Hurricanes of the NHL. Tapping into communities’ pride in their hometown teams, the campaign combined a sense of playful competition with the proven results of Invisalign’s brand, and included such phrases as “The official smile of Carolina Hurricanes” and “Winning smiles start with Invisalign clear aligners.”

To reach dentist offices during the NFL season, speed was essential, so BrandMuscle sent 3,000 kits directly to Align’s top dentists. For 20 years, BrandMuscle’s quick-turnaround and high-impact print capabilities have allowed brands to overcome the challenges of print execution. BrandMuscle’s 35,000-square-foot digital print and production facility performs high-volume, high-quality print jobs with a 99.7% error-free accuracy rate. Collaboratively, we also produced and warehoused co-branded NFL merchandise for partner dentist offices, placing the Invisalign logo beside the NFL’s instantly recognizable logo on shirts, coats, caps, and footballs. Combined with social media assets and Align’s national advertising during NFL games, the sponsorship messaging could reach potential customers at the local level.



marketing kits produced

marketing kits direct shipped to top Align dentist offices

NFL/ NHL teams represented