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National Coffee Roaster Print-on-Demand Success Story

National Coffee Roaster Runs Print Campaign to Expand U.S. Market


One of Canada’s best selling brands of whole bean coffee wanted to increase their U.S. sales. Whole bean coffee is a challenging market, where well-funded boutique roasters distribute nationally, and innumerable local roasters focus on their hometowns. Making in-roads required getting memorable marketing materials into every one of their over 700 grocery stores and retail locations. That required an experienced print partner who could scale rapidly and accurately.


BrandMuscle’s Intelligent Local Marketing Platform provided an effective way to equip the coffee roaster’s sales reps with the most up-to-date, accurate, creative assets, and let them place print-on-demand orders themselves, rather than relying on the busy corporate team. The company built a recognizable brand identity using a particular shade of color on its packaging and marketing materials. Printed in crisp bright font, they used humorous bold slogans that embraced caffeination to capture customers’ attention. Stores that used our shelf danglers, shelf invaders, shelf strips, and other point-of-sale material saw an average 7% increase in sales.

BrandMuscle’s Intelligent Local Marketing Platform helped with speed-to-market, while BrandMuscle’s experienced print teams provided further quality assurance. It takes great attention and precision to match the company’s signature color scheme and maintain quality across all printed material, and to maintain the swift turnaround time we’re known for.

During our point-of-sale campaigns, the company asked us to work on promotional print-on-demand fulfillment. When sales reps provided branded shirts, hats, and reusable bags as giveaways, or when a package deal included a free branded mug with, say, two packs of coffee, they could order the one-off materials through our site. BrandMuscle not only did the printing, we fulfilled the order and sent them to retailers.



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