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Support Social Distancing With These 10 Bar and Restaurant Promotions

Retailers around the world are adjusting to the sudden changes within the alcohol and beverage industry. As business operations evolve, your marketing strategy must also shift to accommodate new customer needs. Here are 10 social distancing-approved marketing tips that alcohol and beverage retailers can use to promote their business during the COVID-19 crisis:

1. Leverage social media

Leverage social media to keep your audience informed about what products or services you’re currently offering, such as carryout menus and beverage delivery services, discounts and promotions. Check out these other top five social media best practices for alcohol and beverage retailers who are facing shut-downs.

2. Offer coupons

Provide returning customers coupons when they place a carryout order. For example, offer $5 off a future delivery order or $10 off their next visit to encourage customers to return when you reopen for dining-in service.

3. Refresh your menus

Take advantage of downtime to update current menus with new designs and fresh content. Although menu refreshes often get put on the backburner, customers get excited seeing something new, so make time during the COVID crisis to refresh your menus.

4. Create cocktails to-go

If your state allows it, offer cocktails to-go. You can sell mini bottles of alcohol paired with mixers for the perfect portable libation.

5. Create recipe cards

Create recipe cards for the popular cocktails that your business specializes in. Customers will love easily crafting their own creations and being their own bartender.

6. Utilize outdoor signage

Utilize outdoor signage like banners and window clings to promote curbside pickup. With so many businesses closed, it’s important to make it clear that you’re open for business.

7. Offer wine bottle add-ons

If you provide food delivery or takeout, include the option to add a bottle of wine to the order.

8. Provide discounts for industry workers

Industry workers are struggling alongside beverage and alcohol retailers, but they still need to eat and drink, too! Provide discounts to industry workers and others affected by the COVID-19 crisis to show solidarity and make your offerings more accessible.

9. Create tasting cards

Create tasting cards for products like wine and whiskey and include food pairing recommendations. Foodies and ambitious at-home chefs alike can use them for a fun social distancing activity.

10. Promote gift card purchases

Promoting gift card purchases to support local businesses is a good way to reach customers who may not be interested in carryout right now. Many people are actively seeking ways to support their favorite bars, restaurants, and retailers, so gift cards offer a great way for them to pledge to return.

Not sure how to execute these social distancing-approved marketing ideas? We can help! Our designers can create any custom concepts for both print and digital promotions. Have a problem you don’t know how to solve? Contact your local BrandMuscle representative to hear how we can help.