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Tacony Corporation Thrives With BrandMuscle

Jeff Fuller, Vice President of Marketing at Tacony Corporation, explains why the company chose the BrandMuscle Intelligent Marketing Platform for co-op fund management, and how it has helped their business thrive.


He said, “We use a co-op program to help our dealership network market their brand and drive store traffic, and we were using manual spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls to process those claims. Working with the BrandMuscle team, we’re able to automate that process and make it easier for the end user and our dealership network. Now, we can turn to a single dashboard to understand where any given customers’ co-op program lies without updating anything at all. It’s automated, simple, and easy to use.

I have an older, more traditional consumer base and they were a little bit nervous about taking this step into the future, using a new online tool, and customizing their own creative. But because the team at BrandMuscle was patient and willing to sit down and help us develop customized training sessions, videos, and classes, we’ve been able to help the entire market join the tool and program and have a lot more success. Our dealership network that has embraced the BrandMuscle platform is actually outpacing our customers that aren’t 2:1 in terms of growth.

Our partnership with BrandMuscle is going really well today but what gets me so excited is the five-year vision. Today, in my market, only about 10% of channel marketers use digital marketing, whereas 90% use traditional marketing. By using the Brand Management tool, I plan to flip that around so that 90% of our marketing is done digitally and 10% is done traditionally, and BrandMuscle will help us accomplish that goal.”

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