Telecom Brand Management Success Story - BrandMuscle

Telecom Brand Management Success Story

Leading Telecom Company Triumphs with ​BrandMuscle for More Than a Decade 


A leading telecom company recognized that global success relied on the success of its local dealers. They needed a way to easily share marketing assets with thousands of local dealers while maintaining brand compliance and message control. Their needs eventually grew beyond branded materials into strategic channel fund management, effective event marketing assistance and scalable digital media campaigns.


Since partnering with BrandMuscle over a decade ago, the client has relied on the leader in local to provide dealers with optimal programs and white-glove support. BrandMuscle has worked one-on-one with local dealers to optimize marketing dollars. BrandMuscle increased the company’s local market share through an integrated mix of digital, traditional, and event marketing, and will continue to strategically partner with the client as its needs and business objectives evolve.



events booked in local markets each year

increase in organic dealer search traffic

average local media placement

“BrandMuscle continues to be a critical element of our marketing mix. We are in a very competitive environment, and we’re a national brand that competes on a local level. We have to continue to be in tune with the customer’s needs and wants.”  

BrandMuscle Client, EVP, Strategy and Business Development, Global Telecommunications Provider