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Telecommunications Co-op Fund Management Success Story

Telecom Company Boosts Co-op Use and Awareness by Automating Fund Program Management


A telecommunications company needed a platform that could strategically manage co-op funds for their nearly 500 store locations across the country. In an industry so saturated with competitors, they looked to BrandMuscle to help them better manage these funds. They needed a platform that would support and accurately manage an exceptions-based compliance co-op program for agents and allow greater visibility into agent spend and activity at a corporate level. 


Since partnering with BrandMuscle over a decade ago, this customer has thrived on the platform. Co-op use is at a record high and the corporate marketing team has complete visibility into how partners are spending their co-op. Detailed utilization reports help the client's marketing team analyze results and focus future resources on the most impactful tactics and partners.



claims processed annually

pre-approvals annually

co-op funds managed annually

utilization rate

accuracy rate

“I really appreciate BrandMuscle's dedication and attention to detail. They are all so conscious of everything going on and work hard to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks or gets missed. I’m grateful for the team's agent focus!” 

BrandMuscleClient, Telecom Agent​