AI Is Revolutionizing Local Marketing: Here's What You Need to Know

The Local Marketing Gap: What You Need to Know

83% of partners view marketing as important, but few dedicate enough time to move the needle.

This phenomenon is called The Local Marketing Gap — the disparity between how affiliates feel about marketing versus their actual marketing efforts.

View the on-demand webinar to dive into the latest local marketing data and understand how it will impact your business. Our speakers will break down the latest findings from The 2023 State of Local Marketing series and give you data-backed insights you can use to strategize and drive record-breaking results.

Join the webinar to:

  • Learn what the local marketing gap is (and why it exists)
  • Unpack groundbreaking findings from The State of Local Marketing report
  • Understand how the gap is impacting your bottom line
  • Discover ways to bridge the gap and boost local marketing results and revenue
  • See the marketing strategy linked to 44% revenue growth

About the Presenters

Erin Strong

Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing

As the SVP of Strategic Marketing at BrandMuscle, Erin Strong develops data-driven integrated marketing strategies that enable brands and affiliates to elevate their local marketing performance. Erin has over 20 years of leadership experience and leads a team of 70 marketers who drive top results for clients. Erin is passionate about developing omnichannel strategies, strategic enhancements, and media optimizations that drive results.

James Morse

Senior Vice President, Product Management

James bridges the gap between business requirements and technical capabilities for BrandMuscle clients. With a deep understanding of BrandMuscle’s software and services, James leads product and works directly with client stakeholders to truly understand their business objectives from start to finish.