The State of Local Marketing 2021-2022 Webcast - BrandMuscle

The State of Local Marketing 2021-2022 Webcast

Join us for a webcast revealing early findings from our biggest State of Local Marketing Survey yet. Responses from over 2,400 local partners and 13 brands across a variety of industries have shaped data-driven recommendations about how to activate your channel partners to ensure that your brand is well-represented at the local level, and how to support the customer journey from the first touchpoint to the final sale.

The responses we received validated our formula for revenue growth and revealed new insights, including:

  • Marketing Mature partners realized 2x more revenue growth than their less mature peers.
  • Channel partners who invest 1% or more of their revenue in marketing achieve 14% higher revenue growth. Even greater revenue growth can be achieved when partner investment is coupled with marketing knowledge.
  • In previous years, over 85% of partners occupied the lowest levels of marketing maturity. This year we saw that drop to 54% due to a new dimension we added to the Marketing Maturity Matrix. This dimension, called Marketing Savvy, measures actions taken by the individual partner, regardless of the local marketing program offerings and partner participation.

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About the Presenters

Sarah Cucchiara

SVP of Channel Marketing Strategy at BrandMucsle

Throughout her career, Sarah has worked with large national companies and local small businesses to develop cross-channel marketing and advertising programs that drive results. As SVP of Channel Marketing at BrandMuscle, Sarah is responsible for leveraging BrandMuscle's products and services in the development and execution of hyperlocal marketing and advertising programs for clients that align with the corporate strategy while driving local results.