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The State of Local Marketing in Manufacturing Webcast 

46% of the co-op funds that manufacturers make available to local partners go unused.

38% of partners claim they don’t understand marketing.

55% spend little to no time on marketing activities each month.

Why aren’t partners engaging in your program, and how can you change that?

Join us for a webcast Thursday, April 28 at 2 p.m. ET, revealing data-driven insights on how to increase program engagement, fund utilization, and overall partner participation in the face of unprecedented supply chain delays, labor shortages, and skyrocketing consumer demand to get products instantly.

Our latest State of Local Marketing Research revealed new insights specific to the manufacturing industry, including:

  • Manufacturing partners are investing 5% less in marketing compared to other industries. A small increase in marketing investment could result in a big revenue impact.
  • Partners at the highest level of marketing maturity experienced 2x more revenue growth than their less marketing mature peers, yet 54% of manufacturing’s partners occupy the lowest levels of marketing maturity.
  • 68% of manufacturing partners find the processes and policies of the marketing program provided to them by a national brand difficult to understand or inefficient.
  • Websites and social media are manufacturing partners’ top two tactics, but only 20% of partners said websites were supported in a robust way, and only 14% said social was supported in a robust way.

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About the Presenters

Sarah Cucchiara

SVP of Channel Marketing Strategy at BrandMucsle

Throughout her career, Sarah has worked with large national companies and local small businesses to develop cross-channel marketing and advertising programs that drive results. As SVP of Channel Marketing at BrandMuscle, Sarah is responsible for leveraging BrandMuscle's products and services in the development and execution of hyperlocal marketing and advertising programs for clients that align with the corporate strategy while driving local results.