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Treat the Economic Symptoms of Coronavirus With Proactive Brand Management

COVID-19 has shuttered or altered business operations around the world, jeopardizing workers’ livelihoods and leaving customers wondering: Who is open? Is it safe to visit? How can I support my favorite businesses if I can’t visit their locations?

Jason Tabeling Shared What businesses Can Do Right Now in Street Fight:

“Around the world, brands are bracing for the impact coronavirus will have on their business and workforce. As it continues to spread, your business is probably focused on limiting contagion in the workplace, creating contingency plans, evaluating sick leave policies, and forecasting the economic impact on your industry. In the midst of this uncertainty, your business’s online visibility probably isn’t top of mind — rightfully so.

Nevertheless, communication is key to your brand management strategy in times like these. It’s important to make your customers aware of any changes in your business operations. Below are three tactics you can use to bolster your brand management as the coronavirus sends shockwaves through the global economy.”

Read the complete article to learn how to leverage location data management, clear communication, and increased use of digital tactics to maintain the trust your business has worked hard to build, and keep your customers both safe and informed during this time of crisis.

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As EVP of Product Management, Jason Tabeling creates a unified strategic roadmap for the organization across its full suite of products. Jason joined BrandMuscle as Senior Vice President of Digital in 2016. Shortly after, he led strategic efforts to combine the digital, traditional, social media and event marketing teams at BrandMuscle into a single department and center of excellence for BrandMuscle’s clients. Today that team totals 95 and counting. Under his leadership, client demand and satisfaction have grown and employees have thrived.