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Using Instagram Loops to Grow Social Engagement

As technology develops and consumer behaviors change, your brand’s marketing must do the same. Social networking provides a channel for direct marketing and customer engagement that is often underutilized, especially on newer platforms.

Instagram is a perfect example of a relatively untapped marketing goldmine

Why Instagram?

Known as a photo-centric network, Instagram has gained considerable popularity:

400 million+ active users

Instagram outranks Twitter as the second-largest U.S. social network

55% of online adults between 18 to 29 use Instagram

In our social media age, consumers use Instagram to interact with friends, bloggers, celebrities, and brands they admire. Marketers can use this platform to target consumers and frame content specifically for a younger, energetic demographic.

Leverage a Loop

Within Instagram, a new local marketing approach has emerged called the Insta-Loop. We’ll demonstrate how the alcohol/beverage industry might use the Insta-Loop below, starting with a distributor or supplier creating a promotional giveaway that participating retailers can execute to feature a supplier brand. Here’s how it works:
1. Make the prize worth it. The incentive for consumers to participate must be very appealing if you want the promotion to be successful. Consider the audience you are trying to attract and what they want. For example, a great incentive for wine enthusiasts could be a temperature controlled wine cooler. For cocktail consumers, a fancy ice bucket, stainless steel bar tools or a gift card might pique interest and drive behavior.

2. Provide excellent imagery. The retailers participating in your Insta-Loop (non-competing local bars or restaurants), will post a picture of the promotional item encouraging consumers to comment on/like the image and follow their Instagram account for the chance to win.

3. Tag a retailer to start the loop. The Instagram post with the promotional image will tag another bar or restaurant and instruct the consumer to “like/comment” and “follow.” The text section of the post below the image will include step-by-step instructions.

4. Tag more retailers to continue the loop. The process of tagging retailers continues until the promotion loops back to the original photo on the first account, that way no matter where consumers start, they must see all retailers on the loop to enter the contest.

5. Reward the prize – your Brand keeps on winning. The winner (or winners if each retailer decides to reward a follower) will be announced in a few days’ time, but the marketing implications of this loop far outweigh the cost of the giveaway item.

Social media sales promotions like Instagram Loops utilize a pull strategy for brands that can generate consumer demand through increased visibility, buzz and engagement. With this Instagram loop, a beverage brand can build a social community in a matter of days by making consumers feel included and connected. Just remember to loop responsibly. Cheers!

Would this idea be a fit for your business? Have a cool idea for an Instagram Loop ad? Let's talk about it!
LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Refer to local laws and regulations before executing a social media contest in your area.