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Why Nationwide Chose BrandMuscle

Denny Ehrmin, Vice President of Agency Marketing at Nationwide, explains why they chose BrandMuscle for Fund and Brand Management.


“We choose BrandMuscle for a variety of reasons. One, they’re highly well regarded in the industry and are one of the leaders. Another reason we choose BrandMuscle is their expansive suite of products. The third reason we choose BrandMuscle and something that we’ve come to appreciate even more is the quality of the people. They’ve been very effective at helping to create a program that fits the needs of our 12,000 distribution partners, getting them paid on time and in a way that creates less friction on our end.

They’ve also been great with their Brand Management platform, which allows us to take brand compliant creative and give it to our distribution partners to use it in a way that’s going to help them grow their business locally.

We view BrandMuscle as an extension of our marketing team. They’re not a vendor; they’re a partner to us, and I have no doubt that they’ll be a partner of choice for us five years from now as we look at growing the Nationwide business.”

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