Local insurance agents did not take advantage of co-op marketing dollars because the programs were complex and difficult to access

Insurance companies provide co-op funds — marketing dollars — to their independent agents to reach potential clients more effectively and grow their businesses.

The problem: local insurance agents at a leading insurance company were not taking advantage of these co-op dollars.

Many agents struggled to understand the complexities of the programs — which were best suited for their business, the benefits of each, even how to sign up to participate!

Nothing was moving the needle — not even when the insurance company’s corporate marketing team increased co-op allowace to drive more dollars in the market and more leads for their business.


BrandMuscle helped increase co-op funds utilization by 23% through a concierge service

BrandMuscle implemented a concierge service starting with 30-minute educational calls with individual agents to review all marketing programs they had access to. Our concierge team assisted agents in determining what programs made the most sense for their local business, how to opt in, and the appropriate next steps to take in their marketing journey.  

The net result: All agents participating in at least one call increased utilization of co-op funds by 23%, resulting in $2,230 more co-op utilized per agent. 

“[The consultant] was absolutely amazing. It does not get any better than her. She was energetic and knowledgeable with her insight in assisting me with my marketing. She exposed me to opportunities to take my agency to the next level!” said one insurance agent who participated in the program. 

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