A global hospitality company struggled to manage millions of digital assets while maintaining compliance across 875 locations

A global hospitality company’s marketing team had a huge task on their plate.

With a portfolio of 18 premier brands across 875 international locations, the team had to efficiently manage millions of constantly changing digital assets across various audiences.

Their current solution allowed the corporate marketing team to share digital assets, but it also created compliance issues.

The brand needed a way for affiliates to customize marketing assets for their properties while maintaining legal and brand compliance.


Hotel operators access customizable, compliant marketing templates in 8 languages

BrandMuscle integrated with the client’s existing solution to create a powerful marketing asset management system with compliance built in.

The company’s hotel operators now have on-demand access to customizable marketing templates in 8 languages. Plus: Hotel staff can leverage hotel-specific imagery within their marketing materials.

The results? Over 800K assets were syndicated to hotel properties, over 11,000 hotel employees accessing them, and over 12 million branded marketing materials were delivered to market across 65 countries.

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