The sudden shift from physical to virtual environments posed a significant challenge for a telecom company’s client outreach

Adding new clients, securing new logos, growing the business — no matter how you word it — is essential to the success and longevity of any organization.

For years, a national telecommunications company used conferences and expos to find and acquire new clients. Then, practically overnight, the global pandemic eliminated this as a viable option.

With so many in-person B2B events moving online, this company needed to find innovative ways to continue reaching new clients… virtually.


Virtual campaigns yield significant increases in website traffic and engagement

BrandMuscle worked to help accelerate the transition from in-person to online events.

The team utilized four winning media tactics to increase customer engagement:

  • Registered attendees received a pre-event email with reminders to attend the session.
  • Those who registered for the event received display campaign targeted ads.
  • The campaign targeted attendees directly on Facebook while layering in a “lookalike audience” to expand the campaign’s reach.
  • After the event, attendees received a thank you email with strong CTAs encouraging them to take the next best action.

This integrated media campaign saw powerful results: an above-industry-average 30% average email open rate and huge bumps in month-over-month website traffic — over 3,000% increased page views and nearly 4,000% increased page visits.

And the client was ecstatic: “We loved seeing the high volume of potential customers coming to our website. It felt like ten times more impressions than normal.”

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