A Canadian coffee brand struggled with quickly producing and distributing marketing materials for their U.S. expansion

Like a good cup of joe, the whole-bean coffee industry is complex.

Well-funded boutique roasters often distribute their products nationally (deep pockets), while innumerable local roasters focus on their hometowns (smaller budgets).

One of Canada’s best-selling whole-bean coffee brands wanted to increase their U.S. sales. To meet their goals, they needed to distribute “memorable marketing materials” in all of their 700+ grocery stores and retail locations.

This heavy lift required an experienced print partner — one who could scale quickly with precision and accuracy.


The coffee brand efficiently distributed creative marketing assets with an optimized print campaign

BrandMuscle’s Intelligent Local Marketing Platform proved to be effective in equipping the coffee roaster’s sales reps with the most up-to-date, accurate, and creative assets. Additionally, their team could print on-demand orders independently rather than rely on the busy corporate team.

The company built a recognizable brand identity using a specific color shade on all packaging and marketing materials.

Humorous (and bold) “caffeination slogans” were printed using a crisp, bright font that instantaneously captured customers’ attention. Stores that used these shelf danglers, shelf invaders, shelf strips, and other point-of-sale materials saw an average 7% increase in sales.

BrandMuscle helped with speed-to-market (5 business days average production turnaround time), while providing further quality assurance with their experienced print team, ultimately printing more than 36,000 products across 163 North American locations.

Bonus: BrandMuscle also worked with this company to print promotional, on-demand branded shirts, hats, and reusable bags as giveaways.

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