Bobcat needed to manage a complex national marketing campaign while ensuring simplicity for local dealers

New messaging.

Major product update.

These were two significant initiatives Bobcat, a leading manufacturer of compact construction and agriculture equipment, was getting ready to launch. The campaign would be the brand’s most significant update in nearly a decade.

The team had aggressive goals and wanted to be sure they got everything right the first time.

This national marketing campaign required intricate brand management across many channels. However, the delivery had to be straightforward enough for busy, independent dealerships to understand and execute at the local level.


Bobcat created a simplified co-op fund management system with customizable marketing templates

Bobcat partnered with BrandMuscle to develop a simplified co-op fund management system that included:

  • Customizable marketing templates
  • Up-to-date location data across the web
  • Scalable digital marketing programs

Within six months, Bobcat had adapted its processes so every tactic could be executed and measured within a single, easy-to-use platform.

The campaign saw immediate success: 4000+ in-store visits, 40K+ Google My Business customer actions, and 90K+ visible searches.

Bonus: Bobcat’s campaign tools were flexible enough for the team to reallocate marketing dollars and pivot their strategy when the pandemic struck.

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