Bobcat was looking for a solution to help promote its upcoming tractor sale

Bobcat is an American-based manufacturer of farm and construction equipment. They are best known for their reliability and durability, with their compact equipment commonly used in construction, landscaping, agriculture, and other industries. 

Team Bobcat was gearing up for a Compact Tractor sales program. It was only a two-month event, so the team needed a way to quickly generate leads that converted into sales.  

Time was of the essence.  

The team was looking for a solution to drive foot traffic to local dealerships while staying within brand guidelines from the corporate HQ.  


Facebook ads led to a 58% increase in social media engagements and new leads in local stores

BrandMuscle planned and executed a four-month Facebook ad campaign that drove impressive results for both the corporate brand and local Bobcat dealers. 

Using geofencing, BrandMuscle developed Facebook ads targeting Bobcat’s key audience.  

As a result of this campaign, Bobcat saw:  

  • A 58% increase in social media engagements  
  • Nearly 100,000 searches since launch 

The campaign required zero additional effort from local dealers, achieved total brand compliance, and sent qualified leads directly to visit their local dealership. 

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