A national telecom company ran traditional ads but wanted to increase in-store foot traffic

A national telecom company wanted more in-store foot traffic, but their traditional advertising method was unsuccessful. Actually, they had no idea if it was (or was not) working.

Since they were using traditional media, it was challenging to measure the success and ROI of the campaign accurately.

They were in the dark.

It was time for a new, fresh advertising tactic.


Digital billboards boosted on-site visits by 29% and drew 73% of its audience away from competitors

BrandMuscle suggested using digital billboards, which have recently become an increasingly effective advertising tactic.

Key factors contributing to the success of digital billboards include:

  • Dynamic content
  • High visibility
  • Targeting and customization
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Measurable impact
  • Environmental benefits
  • Audience reach

This tactic proved to be quite effective for the client.

After analyzing results, BrandMuscle provided some insightful metrics, proving that the digital billboards had a positive impact on consumers. Specifically:

  • On-site visits increased by 29%
  • 73% of the converted audience was subscribed to a competing carrier

And the end client (the telecom agent) was thrilled:

“BrandMuscle has been such a positive move for my organization. I am confident they are utilizing the best positions, time slots, and social-digital mediums to make an impact. The team’s quick response has been a time saver in my chaotic world — the best move I made was to allow them to showcase my business.”

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