An insurance agent was having issues growing their book of business

New leads. New opportunities. More customers.

No matter what you call them, new business is the goal. The insurance industry is no exception.

An agent at an insurance leader was struggling to grow her book of business. She’d invested in SEO and digital marketing services for several years but was not seeing the results she was hoping for.

She sought a new approach — a different, fresh, unique strategy — to expand her reach and grow her lead funnel.


BrandMuscle customized a program that grew business dramatically

This agent reached out to BrandMuscle to develop a new strategy to grow her business.

The digital marketing program proposed focused on the following:

  • Targeting relevant Google keyword searches
  • Serving localized text ads
  • Placing Facebook and Instagram lead-generation ads

In the first 6 months, these campaigns generated more than 2.5M Facebook impressions with nearly 30k clicks. For Google, she saw almost 10k impressions, with a 3.11% average click-through rate. Both metrics were above industry standards.

Most importantly, the agent was happy:

“I’ve been pleased with the results from our digital add-on package. After switching to this program, I have seen increased contacts from our online marketing.”

So happy that she (a) increased her investment and (b) recommended the program to another agent, who enrolled at an even higher spend level.

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